Hi I’m Deborah

Welcome to my page, I am a Person-Centred Counsellor registered with the British Association for counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). It can be a daunting prospect to consider counselling especially if the decision has been forced upon you. As a Person-Centred Counsellor my style of practice will focus on you in a non-directive way. I believe within the counselling room there is no expert and we are both equally as important, this I strongly feel is important as it allows you to feel comfortable, to be honest and share difficult thoughts and feelings as they arise without the fear of being judged. Counselling can enable you to move forward from any issues that make you feel unhappy in your life. Counselling can help you in a number of ways; it can provide a safe and confidential space to speak openly and through reflection can help you change your perspective of your situation, learn new coping skills and support you in building your confidence and self-esteem which will empower you to make positive changes.

Statistics about mental health treatment and services 2012 - 2018.

in 4 will experience at least one diagnosable mental health problem.
million workdays are lost due to mental illness, including anxiety, depression and stress related conditions.
is the average number of times a person is assaulted before calling for help.
GPs reported that 84% of their appointments were attributed to issues with stress and anxiety.